Introducing Shiane Hawke

Discover The Talented and Beautiful Shiane Hawke, Top 5 Finalist X Factor Australia 2012

Hi I am Shiane Hawke, I am 14 (years old) and I am from the Northern Territory (Darwin NT Australia). I play tennis 4 time a week. I was in a choir and I went to school. I study maths, english, science, SOSE (Social Science), dance and music. When I was 6, I used to sing around the house and in the pool, but when we moved up to Darwin (NT Australia) I got signing lessons. I used to make up songs about anything , like the sky, the rainbow or anything. I would describe my voice as, it has a different sound. It is soulful. It doesn’t sound like I have a mature voice because to me, it sounds just like any other ordinary voice. My favorite moment so far in the competition would have to be our hero shoot because I got to dress up really pretty, walk down a runway, pose (for the cameras) and that was really fun. I had blue and purple eye make up and I had extensions in my hair. Mt biggest threat in the competition would be either Angel (Tupai) as she has such a big and powerful voice, or What About Tonight (WAT) because they are guys, all of the girl (viewers) love them and they have a really large fan base. My Favorite artists would be Lauren Hill, Aretha Franklin, and Adel (Adkins).

My Celebrity crush, well I have two by the way, would be Taylor Lautner and Zac Efron *Laughs*. My Favorite movie with Zac Efron would be Charlie St Cloud. I like that one. My Favorite movie with Taylor Lautner would be Sharkboy and Lava Girl. I think that is how you say it.

I think I should win X Factor (X Factor Australia 2012) because then I could prove, because there is not many young girls (performers) from Australia that are singers. Most of them (singers) are boys or 16 (years old) so I think it would be good if there was a young 14 year old girl that was a singer.

You can see more of Shiane Hawke on X Factor in the top 12 Monday and Tuesday nights from 7.30pm on Channel 7

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This year, our X Factor hopefuls aren’t just going to Bootcamp; they’re going to Australia’s first ever Super Bootcamp!

…But what does that mean?

“I’m a bit scared and nervous now.” – Shiane Hawke

Picture this: one venue, four categories, four times the judges, four times the drama and a roller coaster of talent, tears, triumphs and tantrums! Guy, Mel B, Nat and Ronan will be on hand to challenge the contestants every step of the way. Will they crack or will they rise to the occasion? And will boy band What About Tonight be able to focus on the music or will they be distracted by “some of the babes”?

“This is your chance. Don’t blow it.” – Ronan

Early favourites Shiane Hawke, Josh Brookes, Bella Ferraro, Adil Memon and Joel Goncalves will face not only the music but the monumental pressure of being pushed WAY out of their comfort zones – and not all of them will make it through to the home visits…

As seen on the Herald Sun:

Schoolgirl Shiane Hawke stars as record audience watch Channel Seven’s The X Factor

Holly Byrnes, National TV Writer – From:News Limited Network – August 21, 2012 1:07PM

THE dimpled teen discovery of The X Factor Australia is getting used to the star treatment.

But it’s not all about bouquets and rapturous applause for Darwin schoolgirl, Shiane Hawke who stole the premiere show last night – watched by aseries record audience of 2.3 million viewers (metro plus regional markets).

As overwhelming as the widespread adulation has been for the shy 14-year-old, Hawke says it was the reception she got at her Dripstone Middle School which touched her heart.

“Some of the people bowed when I walked into the class room and (friend) Tom tried to touch my foot,” the sweet singer said.

Hawke’s powerful performance of Duffy’s hit single, Mercy, stunned The X Factor’s celebrity judging panel of Guy Sebastian, Mel Brown, Natalie

Bassingthwaite and Ronan Keating, who voted the talented teen through to the next phase of this year’s competition.

The audition crowds also went wild for the amateur, who admitted she found it difficult to hear herself sing over the deafening screams of delight.

“There was a lot of people screaming on the day and I couldn’t hear the end of the music, but it was really exciting and a lot to take in.”

She explained childhood operations to place grommets in her ears had affected her hearing and in turn, her speech, but music therapy was helping her overcome both.

Hawke was encouraged to try her luck on the Channel 7′s talent search show, after scoring two touchdowns from former Australian Idol and X Factor judge Mark Holden – during a shopping centre quest.

Holden told the soulful singer to stay away from YouTube, where she might have been put off by “mean people,” Hawke said.

“There would have been a lot of people who would have liked it, but there are also mean people too. I think that was good advice.”

Her story was only one of the many feel-good stories on last night’s series debut!

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